FullJS developer is a Web Based Integrated Development Environment (Web IDE) that ease the process of web application development and maintenance. The Web IDE is an integral part of FullJS, it comes with the standard installation package. The development environment can be opened at your local installation at



Syntax Highlight

FullJS WEB IDE’s rich editor features different kinds of code completion and code templates, auto-inserting matching braces, quick info tooltips and gutter icons for inheritance navigation, context actions, and much more.

Visual UI designer

FullJS Web IDE enables you to visually design your front-end by drag and dropping and configuring all the available controls.

No build or packing required

No build or packing required, modifications are visible online


FullJS Web IDE includes a console, letting you watch your program outputs in different log level.

Unit test runner

FullJS Web IDE helps you run and debug unit tests. You can explore tests, see test output and navigate to source code from stack traces.

Process management

Easy process management